The following publications have been complied and placed on CD, s. They contain information never seen before and are the property of our society. We share a profit with these organizations that allowed us to provide the information as a shared partnership.

We will continue to collect and preserve information and will continue to provide them for sale.

Some of the CD’s contain information and placed it on CD,s for ease of access.


Garrett Book: Collection of writings about residents of Des Moines County. The collection originally in 14 volumes

West Burlington United Methodist Church: West Burlington, baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death records and church census records as well on a CD. It includes printable pdf files of transcriptions of the records as well as digital images of the original records.

Little books: A collection of indexes that help locate records of local residents in the early years of Des Moines County. They include Census, Mortality, Graduates’ of BHS and more. 

St. Paul's UCC in West Burlington: These records contain the transcribed records from the St. Paul's UCC church in West Burlington, Iowa. These record are from the time the church was founded to about 1970It includes printable pdf files of transcriptions of the records as well as digital images of the original records.

St. John's death records: St. Johns Catholic Death records in spreadsheet format.

Des Moines County Histories and More: all on one searchable DVD. It contains information from Des Moines county, Henry county, Lee county, Van Buran county, Roster and Records of Iowa Soldier in the War of Rebellion, Louisa county, Henderson county Illinois, Biographical record of Hancock, McDonough and Henderson Counties, Illinois.

We want to thank all of those who have helped our society. We are continually trying to make purchases to keep all of our surrounding libraries with information which is helpful to those are researching families and the history of Des Moines county Iowa.

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Additional Publications

We currently have over 152 publications of  records. The society created most of these publications which include indexed locations of records. They cover birth, death, mortuary, land owners, history, marriage, naturalization, probate, pensions and wills. All though these records are not the complete compilation of records they do contain vast amounts of information. To purchase this information you will need to contact the Iowa Genealogical Society or IGS at the list of publications which is a shared partnership with IGS can be viewed by title on their website.

Click on the icon to proceed to the IGS publications page.